Aireloom Luxetop™ M1 Plush

Aireloom Luxetop™ M1 Plush

Our standard luxury mattress from the Preferred Collection. It is handmade with the patented Aireloom Lift™, Plush Celsion™ TerraPur™ Latex and Plush Aireluxe™ foam. The comfort layers hug your body while ensuring stability and support for the ultimate relaxation.


About Aireloom Luxetop™ M1 Plush

Product Highlights

  • Patented Aireloom Lift™

  • Innerspring

  • Plush

  • Temperature Regulated

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Breathable

  • Natural Materials

  • Handmade in the USA

  • 10 Year Warranty


Ultra-conforming knit with Tencel® and Phase Change material

Silk/Wool fibers

FR fibers


Plush Convoluted foam

True-Stretch™ cotton backing

  • True-stretch™ cotton backing

Comfort Layers

  • Plush Celsion™ TerraPur™ Latex

  • Plush Celsion™ TerraPur™ Latex

  • 8 lbs. cotton

  • Plush Aireluxe™ foam

  • Micro coils 19 gauge

  • Slow recovery visco foam

  • Total micro coil count: King 2,400 – Queen 2,080

Support System

  • Specially designed high-density perimeter support

  • 8’’ Support-flex™ tempered 15 gauge individually wrapped coils, hand tufted design

  • Perimeter coil count: King 1,052 – Queen 842

Maximize Your Comfort

  • For an additional level of greater comfort and softness, pair your bed with our Preferred Topper. Handmade to fit perfectly, our topper is filled with an opulent blend of the finest natural materials for the ultimate luxurious comfort (sold separately)

  • Pair your mattress with an Aireloom foundation; available in 9″ or 6″ profiles
    (sold separately)

  • Adjustable base friendly
    (sold separately)


  • 15″




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6 Month Comfort Trial

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